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The PlayerBase was designed and built with the role-player in mind - a home for those who share an interest and passion in this remarkable gaming genre.  The team members of The PlayerBase are all computer RPG fanatics who have followed the progression of this field since the very beginning, playing and immersing themselves in the many, many fantastic worlds offered by titles both current and long-past.  With the recent phenomenal rise in the popularity of action and arcade-style "strategy" games in mind, we hope The PlayerBase can be the focal point for those of us who cherish games with a little more depth, a little more thought, and a little more immersiveness than such "quick-fix" type titles can offer.

We believe there will always be a market for good, solid role-playing titles, and will do what we can to foster that belief.  Please drop us a note, to show your support, or click here if you are interested in linking or advertising on our page!

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