You have reached the former site of The PlayerBase.   I undertook this project with a couple of friends who wanted to create a site that focused on computer Role-Playing games.  We all have a near-fanatical passion for this genre and thought it would be a great idea to maintain a site devoted to the topic.   Despite our great enthusiasm, and 101 great ideas we had for the site (many of which have now been carried out on similar sites on the Internet), we quickly found out the tremendous amount of time and work it takes to maintain a truly good website of this scope and nature.

The PlayerBase project has since been put on indefinate hold, but if you wish to see the fruits of our labors, click here to see the old PlayerBase site.  You will see our planned format, and several reviews on some older RPGs that we did.  We also had plans to launch a the Guild Network, the brilliant centerpiece for the PlayerBase which would be a database of guilds on various online RPGs (such as Ultima Online, EverQuest, text-based MUDs, etc.) which would offer webspace and message boards for any guild with a membership of 10 or more.  We wanted to index the guilds not only by game, but also by alignment and philosophy, something that had never been done before, and which would allow a virtual CRPG community to exist which spans more than a single RPG world.  (i.e. Good-aligned guilds, Evil-aligned guilds, strict Role-Playing guilds, Pure-Fantasy guilds, etc.)

Though our ambitions never panned out, I learned a LOT from this project, and I still hope to create or at least participate in such websites in the future.  I certainly will be playing Computer RPGs for many years to come.  If you are interested in some good CRPG sites, check out Stratics, home of EQStratics, and other great online RPG resources.

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